Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte

on Sep 12, 13
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Client: Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg
: Regensburg, Germany
Site Area: 6,510 ㎡
Built Area: 9,000 ㎡
Year: 2013
Status: Competition
Credits: Luis Etchegorry, Lars Nixdorff, Robin Heather
Visualizations: Methanoia


Project description
The Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte (MdBG) combines past, present and future. The building design draws its energy from the parallelism of grown history, tradition and the progressive alignment of a future-oriented country. It provides an architectural shell that combines the richness and diversity of cultural aspects in its entirety and translates them consistently in its architecture. The result is a confident symbol for the position of Bavaria in history.

The positioning of the museum close to “Daunaulände”, the traditional interface between original city fortification and trading center, is related in the design and reflected  by the distribution of building volumes.

To the Danube side, at the interface to new shores a generous, public volume unfolds towards the future-oriented face of the MdBG.
The design obtains its inner friction by the combination of tradition and modernity, past and present.

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