NE—AR stands for Nixdorff Etchegorry — Architecture Research, an international brand specialized in the fields of architecture and design. NE—AR is based in Frankfurt, Germany and led by Lars Nixdorff and Luis Etchegorry.
NE—AR is an office interested in architectural possibilities. Setup as a platform for exchange within a local and global context, our approach mixes keen analysis and formal experimentation into uniquely responsive designs. Thus we perform as an integrated design environment forming clusters of architects, designers, thinkers, consultants, project partners and clients. NE—AR envisions an optimistic yet critical view towards the world by researching its trends and behaviors. This enables our firm to understand research as a generator of new concepts and ideas.

NE—AR offers cutting-edge design and a methodological approach to all our products. Our design strategy focuses on an integrated approach, which results into an added value to the recipient. The resulting design is materialized conceptualization that is able to dialogue with contemporary life and society. This is possible due to a process set-up that hosts and facilitates a platform for the integration of client´s ideas, consultants and project partners form the first instance and throughout every proj Read More ect.
NE—AR has considerable experience and knowledge in complex assignments in the field of architecture, urbanism and interior design, throughout various scales and stage levels. These ranges from product design to urban master plans, through small private refurbishments, residential, retail and infrastructural projects.
Another NE—AR focus lies in temporary conceptual work –exhibition and installation design- allowing us to put into practice some of our research ideas in order to apply them to our future projects. NE—AR offers an international professional background which is embedded within the latest contemporary discourse. The high performance of our work derives from more than a decade of working experience on various projects from concept to realization, achieving a high level of internationally recognized design excellence. Our firm can offer an excellent insight into overseas building projects and collaborates successfully with local and international consultants. For each development, we facilitate a constant dialogue between the design teams and consultants to effectively lead design developments marked by a seamless flow of ideas, strategies and solutions pertaining to all aspects of the project large and small.
Our international background enables us to understand, assimilate, adapt and react to social, economic, cultural and aesthetic different realities. In a world where communication is at stake, we envision a differentiated response while at the same time delivering an integrated, synthetic product able to cope with its contextual and contemporary necessities. Thus, we perform as pragmatic as required, yet as elaborate and sophisticated as possible, consolidating NE—AR as the alternative architectural solution.



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    Client: Kaspar Schulz. Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt e.K. Location: Brau Beviale 2015. Nürnberg, Germany. GFA: 120m² Year:...
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Luis Etchegorry

Chamber Registration Dutch Architects Chamber. Architectenregister nr. 1.100715.025<
Read More br /> Colegio de Arquitectos de Neuquén, Argentina. Mat. C.A.N. 1487

Born and raised in Argentina, Luis Etchegorry received in 2002 his Bachelor degree on Architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires and in 2006 his Master in Arts in Advanced Architectural Design (M.A. / AAD) diploma from SAC -Städelschule Architecture Class- at the Städelschule Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main, Germany under the tutorship of Prof. Ben van Berkel, Prof. Johan Bettum and Prof. Mark Wigley. From 2006 till 2008, he has been appointed as Guest Professor at the SAC/ Städelschule Architecture Class and co-director of the year-long Space of Communication interdisciplinary project sponsored by T-Mobile Deutschland during the period of 2006-2007. His research and design work has been exhibited at several institutions and exhibitions including the 1st International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam and Portikus Gallery in Frankfurt am Main. Luis has collaborated as an Architect in several architectural practices in Argentina and in the Netherlands.


While working at estudio Claudio Vekstein, in Argentina from 1999 till 2005, he intensively took part in large scale public projects. In 2008 he joined UNStudio (Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos) and during this period -first as an Architect and later in 2010 as Senior Architect/ Associate, he has worked on many built and award winning projects with highly acclaimed international status. Since he has been working at UNStudio he guided design teams in the initial design phases and successfully contributed to several of UNStudio’s winning competition projects such as the commercial mixed-use projects for SOHO China in Shanghai and the Hanjie Wuhan shopping mall. Luis has been responsible for coordinating the work flow between client’s input and overall design vision, guiding the relevant design studies undertaken and progress the project from competition stage until completion of Design Development.


During the time in Amsterdam, Luis established his individual practice DiA-Studio, with which he has contributed with several design studies and competition entries to an international architectural discourse.


Former team members

Juliane Maier — Arrate Vidarte — Shima Moradi — Nasim Delkash — Marina Rodriguez — Holden Vides — Fei Alexeli — Diana Hadzhitseneva — Prima Surya Abdullah — Iuliia Kuzhleva — Pantea Khatirzad — Christos Voutichtis— Aris Santarmos




NE-AR GmbH i.L.

Dreikönigsstraße 35
60594 Frankfurt
T +49 (0) 69 17320985 0
F +49 (0) 69 17320985 9

M info(at)








NE—AR GmbH i.L.

Register court Frankfurt am Main
HRB 97215
TAX no 047 240 05656
USt-Id DE290850743


Dreikönigsstrasse 35
D-60594 Frankfurt


T +49(0)69 173 209 85 0
F +49(0)69 173 209 85 9
M info(at)




Lars Nixdorff

Dipl-Ing Fh Architekt
Registered in the list of architects of the state chamber of Hessen no 18663


Luis Etchegorry

MA Arquitecto
Registered to Dutch Architects Chamber. Architectenregister no 1.100715.025
Colegio de Arquitectos de Neuquén, Argentina. Mat. C.A.N. 1487



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