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on Dec 12, 14
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Client: Adidas Group
: Herzogenaurach, Germany
Built Area: 14.700sqm
Year: September 2014
Status: Invited Competition Entry
Credits: NE-AR: Lars Nixdorff — Luis Etchegorry with Prima Abdullah and Fei Alexeli.

Structural Engineer: B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH.

Render Company: METHANOIA


NE—AR  in partnership with B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann have unveiled their collaboration for the submission entry of the Adidas Meet & Eat competition in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


The Meet & Eat is the connecting building between the north and south Adidas campuses.


The design of the building is based upon the engagement of two dynamic areas. The underlying diagrammatic structure interwoven both the floor plan layout and the vertical appearance of the building. The structure of the building thus responds to its position in the centre of a further development phase of the World of Sports. It takes a forward-looking central mediating role in the transition region between the retail public areas of the south campus and the staff areas of the northern campus grounds.


This design uses the natural topography of the site and links the accessibilities of Eat areas on the ground floor accessible with the adjacent landscape. By the permeable facade system achieves a gradual connection of indoor and outdoor areas. The landscape flows through the public and highly frequented areas of the building and ensures an unobstructed throughway and use by the employees of Adidas.


The food court in the heart of the building serves as the focus of the use and movement in the building.


The façade of the Meet & Eat with its materiality and geometry is in a visible gesture of its self-understanding and its inherent dynamics. As a skin layer comprising the cubature of spacious openings to the main entrances to and is permeable areas in the flexible throughway and exposure.


The Meet & Eat is the connecting link between the urban emerging southern entrance and the northern campuses. As such, it acts as an intermediary hub between Office South East and the major axis of urban and landscape space of the existing terrain.


The structure of the Meet & Eat is built upon a basic form on the gesture of two interlocking movements. Through the diamond-shaped basic shape of the Meet & Eat, it creates edges to its neighbouring buildings that never run in parallel view lines. The interstitial space between buildings landscape condenses the main entrance and opens each for North and South Campus area. The view from the building structures will only be focused and then released as an open vista towards the landscape. The high-quality landscape area of the northern campus area is thus continued between the two new building structures of the southern campus.

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