Framed Column House

on Sep 12, 13
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Client: undisclosed
Location: Río Negro, Argentina
Site Area: 720m²
Built Area: 160m²
Year: 2011

Status: Concept Design

Credits: Luis Etchegorry, Juliane Maier


Project description

Framed Column House is articulated through the structural element of a single column that not only organizes the different spaces of the house but serves in different ways or performances.

Thus, the central column has the dimensions to host a fireplace and to store the many sliding glassing panels allowing a total openness from the interior space to the exterior. From the functional point of view, the column works as a pivot point where all the uses oscillate around it: the interior living room and kitchen, an extensive and broad open terrace facing a lake shore and an internal patio with a green patched area. When all the glassed panels are open, the boundaries between inside and outside space are blurred and all of them become a continuous open plan space differentiated only by the diversity of floor and ceiling finishes materials which then form a series of frames around the free-standing column.

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