Gas Station & Rest Areas at A 71 Leubinger Fürstenhügel

on May 22, 15
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Client: DEGES GmbH
: Leubingen, Germany
Built Area: 650sqm
Year: 2015
Status: Invited Competition Entry
Credits: NE—AR: Lars Nixdorff — Luis Etchegorry with Iuliia Kuzhleva.

Landscape: DELVA Landscape Architects.
Visual Communication: Studioheyhey.

Render Company: METHANOIA


NE—AR in partnership with DELVA Landscape Architects and Studioheyhey have developed the concept design for a gas station and rest areas at A 71 framing the Leubinger Fürstenhügel.


The rest areas and gas station are located close to the archaeological ‘Leubinger Fürstenhügel’, a bronze-age tomb. The project deals with the idea of framing the vistas of the visitors from the gas station towards the archaeological site, while at the same time an integrated exhibition space shows information about the archaeological site within the gas station space.

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