Linear Substance

on Sep 12, 13
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Client: Dialog im Dunkeln

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Built Area
: 50m²
Year: 2007

Status: Built

Construction Costs: €25.000,00
Credits: Luis Etchegorry with F. Colombo


Project description

This was an installation of and in darkness –dialogue in the dark. All senses were addressed, but sight.

In this project, the power of the line is been used as a tool to reveal space rather than occupying it. The aim was to fill a space with matter –in this case, linear objects were installed free hanging from the ceiling- as inactive matter.

The idea was to create a certain light-weight density that allows different interactions with the visitor through diverse variables. The lines form a structure that occupies the space with the intention of revealing voids and at the same time recreates different stimulus. Each visitor’s movement produces an echo that is experienced by the other visitors.

Through the visitors’ movement, endless effect variations were created –a continuous flow of change. This resembled a network organization but in a reversed manner; as it was a network system of inactive nodes that were not connected among each other. All linear elements had the same diameter but with different sections and materials creating different tactile and audible experiences.

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