Nussbaumallee 46

on Sep 12, 13
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Client: undisclosed
Location: Berlin, Germany
Site Area: 882m²
Built Area: 500m2
Year: 2012-on going

Status: in progress
Construction Cost: €800.000
Credits: Lars Nixdorff


Project description
Nussbaumallee 46 is a residential development containing 3 units with apartments of 120- 200m². The project is allocated in Berlin`s West end, perfectly situated within an area of free-standing house typologies. The design provides privacy for the single units towards the street an only open the façade up by opening up the common staircase with a building-high Window. This flourish generates identity by creating the “Face” of the building towards its public side.Towards the sheltered garden side with its existing stock of trees, the building is opening up by huge elements of floor to ceiling glassing.
The key geometrical feature of Nussbaumallee 46 is the conflicting orientation of the three units. Originally set-up as a “stack of boxes”, the level volumes are shifted by 3 meters in divergent directions. The shift provides individual orientation per unit and in consequence a directionality of the floor plans, balcony and terraces in opposed directions. Thus guaranties a high level of privacy within the restricted margins of a limited site.



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