Port of Kinmen Passenger Terminal

on Feb 14, 14
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Client: Kinmen County Government
: Kinmen, Taiwan
Site Area: 52.000, 00 ㎡
Built Area: 43.430, 00 ㎡
Year: 2014
Status: Competition

NE—AR: Lars Nixdorff — Luis Etchegorry

with Marina Rodriguez, Holden Vides

B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH

Visualizations: AGATASTUDIO


The Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center presents itself as an infrastructural interface that integrates all of the Shueitou’s South Harbour public and private urban areas.
The Marine Gateway Architectural Imagery for the Center is based upon the understanding and activation of public space as an open platform for social interaction. In order to undertake the area’s transformation of its tourism and recreational industries, the Center performs as a public space activator that enables the redefinition of the traditional festivity open, public spaces into a contemporary urban landscape platform.

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