Summer House P Norway

on Sep 12, 13
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Client: undisclosed
: Portør, Norway
Built Area: ca. 200 ㎡

Year: 2010

Status: Concept design

Credits: Lars Nixdorff, Volker Rohde with ArchiGlobe, Johan Bettum

Structural Consultants: Bollinger-Grohmann Ingenieure, Oliver Tessmann, Sascha Bohnenberger



House P is a concept study for a summer house in Norway for a private client. The exorbitant landscape stretch is located at the shore of the Portør Fjord, being exposed on three sides to the sea.


The design is derived from an organization evolving around a central pivot, which acts as the main distribution hub within the building. This is in spatial and structural sense. Assembling a fire pit in its ultimate sense, the core structure organizes all building parts around it. In the same moment all loadbearing beams, radial organized as a spider-web pattern create the significant bundle of the center-column.

The structure nestles to the sheltered water-away side of the rocky site and provides shelter for a terrace and pool area.

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