Villa D Norway

on Aug 21, 13
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Client: undisclosed
: Larvik, Norway
Built Area: ca. 250 ㎡
Year: 2009
Status: Concept design
Credits: Lars Nixdorff, Volker Rohde with ArchiGlobe, Johan Bettum, Anton Savov
Structural Consultants: Bollinger-Grohmann Ingenieure, Oliver Tessmann, Simon Ruppert



Villa P evolves around the challenges of a complex figure ground relation.  The site of the design study is located at the shore of the Larvik Fjord in Norway, with a very distinct rocky topography and a bunker as special obstacle.


The conceptual idea is to create a floating body, detached from the complex site-location, creating a seam between building and landscape.


The design translation of Villa D creates a cantilevered hull, structurally depending on an internal blade-wall that turns into a spatial organizing element with embed functions. In the area of the vertical circulation it turns into a column, and thus creating the only ground-touching element of the structure.

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