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Client: Zollhafen Mainz GmbH & Co. KG in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Mainz
: Harbor Area, Mainz, Germany
GFA: 104m²
Year: 06/2015
Status: Limited competition, Awarded shared 3rd prize
Credits: NE-AR: Luis Etchegorry —  Lars Nixdorff


Design for a wine pavilion in the harbor area of Mainz, Germany
The design concept of the wine pavilion is based on two basic ideas.
1. Spatial quality of a typical vaulted cellar for wine storage.
Being a pavilion for wine tasting located on a prominent location and widely representative of the local quality of living, our design is based on the spatial quality of a geometric feature with high recognition value: The Vault as a structure for storing and place of wine tasting. The design inverts the inboard geometry feature of the vault in an outwards oriented, open and transparent perceptible design element. It transforms the vault into a welcoming gesture that leads to the surrounding landscape and urban space.

2. Structure and basic module, -the wine box
The internal construction of the structure is based on a repetitive basic module. Alike stacked wine crates, which are composed into a rack system, the structural concept of the pavilion is based on a repetitive basis module of 50 x 50x 50 cm. This design feature interweaves the structure holistically and rules the pavilion both, in its horizontal and vertical shape. In addition to the vault, it is the second design driving element. It forms a space-frame system, acting as a shelf and storage area for the wine bar and serves as a basis for furnishing.

In combination, the two principles define the Gestalt and spatial organization of the structure. They form a powerful three- framework, which grows into a sculptural and iconic roof structure accompanied by a high recognition value. The material wood as a reference is deliberately used for its tactile quality.
The reversal of the vault principle turns the transparent, public areas of the pavilion to the outside, while all the service areas are bundled inside. The façade assembles a three hundred sixty degrees vista.






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